Well, we finally got to the end of the story about my recent journey to Tokyo. For this last part, I’m not going to talk much else, because the whole thing has been pretty much covered by the previous parts. However, I thought it would be nice to share the playlist I made especially for this trip.

I’ve always wanted to do this kind of thing and since I was traveling solo, it was the perfect opportunity to do it. Having a clear and detailed daily schedule also helped in designing the flow of the playlist. If you’d like a little musical accompaniment in your trip, I totally recommend making a playlist of your own. It can be a great reminder of your memories during your trip, because your experiences will forever be associated with the songs you choose.

For this playlist, I put some of my favorite songs–some have really important meaning to me personally–as well as songs that I thought would be great to be listened to while actually being in Japan. And they all happened to be Japanese songs, because why listen to any other songs in Japan, right? Without further ado, here is my Tokyo 2016 Playlist!

Happiness – ARASHI


Since this whole trip is all about embracing the happy side of life, this is a no-brainer opening song just because of the title alone. But the atmosphere of the songs set the mood right and got me super excited even when it was 03.24 a.m. and I was alone at the airport, waiting to check-in.

ユメニカケル  – ARASHI

今飛び立つその先 どこまでも強く
遥かなる旅は続いて行く 未来へ

Flying with Japan Airlines, it would be a missed opportunity if I didn’t listen to this song when I was up in the sky. Moreover, a good friend of mine also told me that listening to Arashi while flying is the best thing ever. And it is.

日本よいとこ摩訶不思議 – ARASHI


I wanted this festive song to play when I exited the airport and stepped back on the Japanese soil after three years. I ended up listening to it while waiting for my bus–I may or may have not danced a little there while screaming inside, “Nippon, I have arrived!”

ただいま – ARASHI


On the bus to Ikebukuro, I listened to this song while looking out of the window. It was already dark, there was nothing much to see, except for the lights from passing cars and the buildings. It felt surreal to finally be there, after only being able to remember the memories of my previous time while dreaming of what it would be like to revisit this place again. I’m, indeed, home.

何か間違っているのか?  – ワンミュージック

I put some instrumental track like this in between the series of songs. This particular one from the original soundtrack of Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi is definitely my favorite. Its slight lonely, but tender atmosphere was the perfect melody to accompany that first night I settled in my rented room, lying down on that very comfortable futon, wondering what the next few days would bring.

感謝カンゲキ雨嵐 – ARASHI

Smile again, うれしいよ

The start of my Arashi-themed day! Not that I needed more reminder, but just to get into the right vibe, this was the song to listen to.

曇りのち、快晴 – ARASHI

Dan Dan Dang 目の前を通り過ぎるだけの日を
Dan Dan Dang 変えて行け 想像の「今」へ

This was played during the moment I first arrived in Harajuku to look for the Johnny’s Shop. I don’t quite remember why I specifically chose this one, which was the one sung only by Ohno, but it was probably a kind of premonition of realizing that Ohno is indeed my ichiban.


A・RA・SHI A・RA・SHI for dream

Ah, the good ol’ Arashi debut single. I made sure I put this on the moment I finished my business in the Johnny’s Shop.

Power of the Paradise – ARASHI


I love this song because it gives me a kind of power that feels grown up. It’s so good to be listened to while walking. It adds a purpose to each and every step. It gave me power to start exploring the paradise I was in. (Get it?).

Don’t you get it? (AD Version) – ARASHI

頃合い この愛 見せてやる Don’t you worry!

When I was in Japan, this song technically wasn’t officially released yet, so I was merely surviving on the short version that has been played on Ohno’s radio show. The feel-good, silly vibe of it was the kind of mood that I wanted to embrace during my first day in re-exploring Tokyo.

Bolero! (Live Version) – ARASHI

駆け抜けろ 夢の果て そこで祝福を待って
お前が輝くまで この歌は鳴り響く

The one I put on this playlist was actually the live version from the Japonism DVD, because I just love the note change that Nino did for it. A continuation from the previous song, this was also something I put to get the tension up. I remember it was playing when I was reaching the crowded and busy Shibuya.

Make a wish – ARASHI

道なき道も踏み出せば 新しいキセキ作れるから
迷うヒマはない 最後には きっと笑うさ Believe in your smile

I played this one while I was standing on one of the ends of Shibuya crossing, where I first stood three years earlier. What a miracle to have been able to come back! I remembered that little wish I wrote for Tanabata back in 2013. On that moment, I believe that dreams come true and wishes are fulfilled.

One Love – ARASHI

かけがえのない 出会いは奇跡を繋いでく
思い出 重なりあう
始まりの歌 鳴り響いて

Even though I didn’t exactly plan the associated activity, I did put this particular song on the playlist. But since I did get the chance to fo all the way to Ebisu Garden Place, I took the opportunity to listen to this song while sitting there. It was quite an experience.

きっと大丈夫 – ARASHI

回り道も たまにはわるくない!
そんなことで 悩んでナイナイ!
力抜いて 休んでいいじゃない!
も一度 歌おう!

I love the positive vibe that this song gives me, just by the title alone: “It’s going to be OK! For sure!” After a long day of adventure, I sat back, relax, enjoy a can of beer, and listened to this song.

5×10 – ARASHI

ここに立ってる 僕たちが今、輝けるのは君がいるから
5人でいる ずっといる

This is an extremely meaningful song to Arashi and its fandom. And while I wasn’t there when the song was first released during an important milestone in the group’s career, its deep meaning is not lost on me. My first full day in Tokyo was extremely fun and I owed much of it to my fateful encounter with Arashi.

月にかわっておしおきよ! – 高梨康治

Another instrumental track–this time, it is the Sailor Moon transformation scene background music, marking the start of a new day: Sailor Moon-themed day!

ムーンライト伝説 – DALI

月の光に 導かれ
何度も 巡り会う

What better song to open my Sailor Moon-themed day with my all-time Sailor Moon song? This song always brought back a lot of memories, although the first version I ever listened to was actually the one translated to Indonesian. However, when I rediscovered the anime years later, this became one of the first Japanese songs I’ve ever memorized.

Cherry Pie – Makoto Kino (CV: Ami Koshimizu)

何度だって また焼くね!
こんな 永遠が つづくように!

My favorite song from the Sailor Moon Crystal Character’s Song Compilation album, sung by the voice actress for Makoto/Sailor Jupiter. I just thought it’s really catchy, and again, it is one of those songs that goes really nice for walking.

Solar Miracle Make Up – Sera Myu Cast

セーラー戦士が 空を行く
宇宙の海を ステージにして
Moon story スペクタクルに

This one is a song taken from the older Sailor Moon musicals. It was the go-to song during a transformation scene from the girls’ normal forms into their badass sailor guardian forms. I listened to this extremely excited song on my way to AiiA Theater. In a way, I was transforming myself, getting ready to experience my first Sera Myu show ever. I had quite a jitter, even though I was merely an audience.

愛のStarshine – Sera Myu Cast


Meanwhile, this song is taken from the revived Sailor Moon musicals, which has become the theme song of the series so far. I absolutely love the choreography and have tried to learn it myself. Anyway, this was the song playing for me when I was entering AiiA Theater for the first time. Then, I could feel the star power of each and everyone present there. We were all there for basically the same reason and it was a great feeling to be a part of something like that.

La soldier – Sera Myu Cast

あなたからの愛のMoon light
浴びてわたしは 変わってゆく
鮮やかに 秘めやかに La Soldier

Another classic from the Sera Myu repertoire. After seeing the show, meeting a new friend, and basically having the best time, I listened to this on my way back to Harajuku from Shibuya. Everything felt surreal. Did that all just happen?

Moon Pride – Momoiro Clover Z

Shiny Make-Up 戦うよ 星空を纏って
新しい伝説が 今ここから始まる

Seeing the musical and fulfilling one of my dreams felt like I was reborn as a new person. J, the friend I met on the show, said it best, “I’m glad I worked so hard until now so I can experience this.” I nodded excitedly when she said that. I felt the same. After the events of that day, I was inspired to get to work and realize my other dreams. As the song says, “A new legend begins from now on.”

乙女のポリシー – Ishida Yoko


To close my Sailor Moon-themed day, I chose my favorite Sailor Moon ending theme. What an amazing day! I wish it didn’t have to be over.

キセキ〜for ROOKIES instrument version〜 – 羽毛田丈史 / 髙見優

And with this other instrumental track from one of my favorite Japanese dramas, Rookies, a new day full of adventures began.

にじいろ – Ayaka


I absolutely love Ayaka–her voice is too beautiful–and I made sure I put her songs on the playlist. First off, this one. It gives off a really easy, nice, feel-good vibe, so I thought it was perfect as something to start the day with.

アップデート – Sabao


About a year ago, I discovered the new Itazura na Kiss series starring Honoka Miki and Yuki Furukawa, and I was obsessed with the opening song. Every time I listen to this song, I remember the opening credits of the first season of the series, where the two main characters play catch-up with each other all over Tokyo. I thought if I had this song played while I myself went around Tokyo, I could capture the similar feeling I got from that very cute visuals of the opening credits.

ハチミツ – Spitz

一人空しくビスケットの しけってる日々を経て
出会った君が初めての 心さらけ出せる

This is one of those songs that I didn’t really understand the meaning, because the lyrics are so imaginative, but I absolutely love the atmosphere of it. I discovered this particular song while watching Honey and Clover anime and fell in love instantly. I ended up playing this while hanging out around Waseda. Because I associate this song with Honey and Clover, which deals a lot with the theme of confusion of youth, it felt kind of interesting to have it played while I was trying to imagine myself spending my time in a place like Waseda. It definitely made me feel like I should be there and go on a quest to find myself.

君想い – whiteeeen

いつだって いつだって 気付かされる事は多くて
つながって つながって いるから強くなれる

whiteeeen’s style of music also always reminds me youth. I put it right after the previous song as a kind of series of songs that deal with the topic of youth. I feel like this whole trip is about that–me embracing my youth and doing the things that I love and am passionate about.

人生は素晴らしい – Johnny’s WEST

人生は素晴らしい 誰よりも誇らしい

I love how unapologetically fun this song is. I had it played during my walk around Jimbocho. Right there and then, life was definitely “subarashii”.

おどるポンポコリン – B.B. Queen

なんでもかんでも みんな

This Chibi Maruko-chan opening theme is on the playlist just because I love how silly and catchy the song is. It ended up being another amazing background music for walking around Tokyo.

雨のち晴レルヤ – Yuzu

何があっても そばにいるよ
君と待っていたい 昇る朝日を

Fresh from the unexpected meeting with Shuu-Uranus and Sayaka-Neptune, I put this song on. That meeting was such a high of the whole thing, so it was kind of fitting that this song came in to chill down the situation bit by bit. After all, it was already my last night there. There were lots to be reflected upon.

愛し君へ – GReeeeN


The reflection starts with one of my favorite GReeeeN songs. I absolutely love the PV for this, and I would recommend you to look it up if you’ve never seen it. Though I haven’t understood the meaning completely, this song always gives me a kind of encouragement.

翼をください (Live) – YUI


Before entering the theater to see KIMI NO NA WA, I listened to this song while walking around Ikebukuro. This whole experience has been amazing to my personal being. For once in my life, I feel like I’m truly spreading my wings and flying on my own will. I would love to feel this feeling again.

潮騒のメモリー – Koizumi Kyoko

来てよ その火を 飛び越えて
砂に書いた アイ ミス ユー

To close my last full day in Tokyo, I chose this song I discovered from the asadoraAma-chan. “I’m gonna really miss this place,” I thought to myself as I fell asleep for the final time–for now, anyway–under the autumn Tokyo sky.

僕らがつないでいく – ARASHI

きっと いつか この道に戻るよ
僕ら ずっとひとつ We’re walking on the road

This is the opening song to the series of songs I designed to be played during my journey home. As I walked out of the ryokan and greeted the morning sun, I looked around and thought of the lyrics of this song. “I will definitely come back to this place someday.” I was sure about it, for I have become one with that place.

キセキ – GReeeeN

明日、今日より笑顔になれる 君がいるだけで そう思えるから
何十年 何百年 何千年 時を超えよう 君を愛してる

This is my ultimate favorite out of all the GReeeeN songs I’ve heard so far. It has a special place in my heart, because of its association with the drama Rookies. Anyway, the position of this song on this playlist was a no-brainer for it embodies the essence of this whole trip: a miracle.

365日の紙飛行機 – AKB48

やりたいこと 好きなように

I’ve already told you a little bit about how I cried in a café because I read the lyrics translation of this song. The part I attached above is especially relatable, which says something about “dreaming to be someone who is free to do what she wants”. I have dreamed this dream all my life, and at last, through this trip I got to realize that dream.

遥か – GReeeeN

さようなら また会える日まで
必ず夢を叶えて 笑顔で帰るために

As I’ve said in the previous part, I looked out of the window during my train ride to the airport, I listened to this song and promised myself that I would come back the soonest I can. For that moment, it was indeed a goodbye, but only until the day I’m going to see this place again. I will definitely try to make my dreams come true, so I can come back with a smile.

ふるさと – ARASHI

巡りあいたい人がそこにいる やさしさ広げて待っている
山も風も海の色も いちばん素直になれる場所

As I was waiting for my plane, I listened to this song. An obvious choice, because Tokyo has really become a kind of hometown to me. I didn’t really want to leave, but I kept comforting myself that we’ll see each other again soon–Tokyo and I.

果てない空 – ARASHI

果てない空がそこにあるって 今確かな声が聞こえる
飛べない自分を変えて行こうか 踏み出して何度でもやり直そう

I forgot who suggested it to me, but apparently Nino recommended this song to be listened do while flying. And of course, being the loyal fangirl that I am, I followed the recommendation, even if it was an alleged recommendation. Closer and closer to getting back home and to the end of this trip…

おかえり – Ayaka

おかえり I’m home
大丈夫 あなたがいるから

Of course, when I landed safely back in Jakarta, I had to listen to this song. Although I found a new “home” (and would pretty much prefer to be there), I was glad to be back here at this home.

I’ve gained so many wonderful things throughout my short journey in Tokyo. I think it would only be fair if I indeed came back to Jakarta and had those wonderful experiences inspire me to better myself here. I know, months have gone by, and I have had to deal with new stress, but my Tokyo memories still encourage me everyday to do my best. After all, I have a promise to keep, right?

Finally, I’d like to thank those of you who have been reading this series from start to finish. This whole thing started as only a promise to myself, so I actually have a kind of detailed record of what I went through on that trip, but the fact that I got to share the memories with some special people has been amazing as well. I’m really sorry if perhaps I may have said something that is not quite right with any of you. I also apologize that probably my writing stamina isn’t quite at its peak–I feel like I started this series with a bang, but then lose momentum in the later parts. Anyway, once again, thank you for reading! Hopefully, for anyone reading, you can get a little bit of inspiration for yourself from all the things I’ve talked about–be it practical things like traveling tips, or something deeper like my personal reflection on my experiences.

I’m glad to have finished this blog series and with this my Tokyo 2016 memories are going to be kept here forever. Until next time!