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Greetings, humans and non-humans! I don’t know about you, but I personally like reading people’s About pages. So here’s mine:

twistedthursday - the person

Hello! On the Internet, I go by the username “twistedthursday” (established since 2008), or the single alphabet “B” (as in, my actual name starts with that letter). I’m a twenty-something mess who claims to be a professional fangirl, aspiring researcher, and a struggling writer. I’m an INTJ by day, INTP by night; with Cancer as my sun sign and Aquarius as my moon sign.

I immensely enjoy watching Old Hollywood movies, shipping Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers like nobody’s business, supporting Chelsea FC (even though I rarely have the time to watch matches anymore), listening to and fangirling about One Direction (even though they are on a break, and please don’t tell me they’re not coming back, because they are), reading/watching/listening to every incarnation of the Sailor Moon franchise (and crying my eyes out every time), and recently, studying the Japanese pop culture and fandom, which has led me to meet and fall hard for Arashi (because they are “for dream”).

I currently work in the academic scene of my almamater, assisting my professor. I have a B.A. in Cinema Studies (so my love of movies is legit, because I even studied for it). Fun fact, I wrote my final research thesis on Fred Astaire and I am running a tribute blog for Ginger Rogers (though, it’s kind of on hiatus). Basically, I’m that person who cares too much about movie stars and idols that I enjoy collecting data and researching about them. Apart from work, I am currently trying to design a master plan of my future regarding graduate school.

I consider myself a writer, though I’m a type of writer who doesn’t write enough. However, I write any kinds of writings–from pointless blog posts as you find here, stories, screenplays, academic essays, and mostly, tweets. I tweet a lot. Like, I tweet too much.

Anyway, I’m basically a chill, slightly weird, slightly twisted person who has so many interests and would rather focus her energy on the things she likes, because they make her happy. じゃ、よろしくお願いします!

(Yup, I’m currently learning Japanese the language, so those kinds of character may appear every once in a while).

twistedthursday - the blog

I’えv been trying to come up with a specific concept for this blog, but nothing is happening. Well, I guess, this blog is basically an extension of the thoughts I usually put out on Twitter, which according to me, is my “incoherent fangirling journal”. Perhaps, more coherence can be established here. However, one thing is for sure: a lot of personal feels are involved.

Also, as I am a “struggling writer”, I have absolutely no consistency. Posts will come when they come, and they will disappear when I’m busy to mind other things. とにかく、ここに頑張ります!